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  • Category Packaging

  • Range: standard
  • Feature: Waterproof
  • Lightweight, handy and high-performance pallet
  • Easy to grip, working comfort
  • Very robust product
  • High quality of manufacture
  • completely recyclable
  • Resistant: Supports more than 500 kg.

  • Versatile: It is used in all food, pharmaceutical, electronic, textile products and there are no restrictions on its use. Suitable for manual and automatic handling (tensioner roller, conveyor belt, storage on racks). It has the possibility of taking it from 4 sides.
  • Safe and hygienic: It complies with the highest hygiene standards and specific sanitary measures in force in several countries (lspm 15). It does not scratch, due to the absence of nails and chipsĀ·
    • It does not generate bacterial growth nor the attack of fungi and destructive insects.
    • Very low weight reduces transport costs, especially for air freight.
  • Ergonomic: Designed according to dimensional standards of transport and movement.
  • Stackable: Allows a large number of pallets to be looted in a small room in the warehouse.
  • Complies with import-export regulations.


Designation L x l x H (mm) Thickness without feet (mm) Weight (kg)
4-way pallet 1200x800x150 60 1.8
2- way pallet 1200x1000x150 60 3
2-way pallet 1200x800x150 60 2.3