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Producer of expanded polystyrene products

: Tunisian Polystyrene Company located in the Industrial Zone of Sousse sidi Abdelhamid. Our company specializes in the production of all objects in expanded polystyrene (EPS) for all food packaging, also for thermal insulation of buildings and other uses in the field of construction and public works.

The Tunisian Polystyrene Company, specialist in made-to-measure polystyrene

is a specialist in made-to-measure polystyrene which meets customer requirements and provides you with a specialist team for the study and development of your needs.

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Product range

Different ranges of polystyrene supplied by STP

There are five types of expanded polystyrene EPS family products which are totally different in manufacturing process.

What we can conclude that we have different so-called divergent lines all these products resulting from a raw material called polystyrene with different characteristics.

Agriculture packaging

has developed a whole range of expanded polystyrene products specific to the agricultural sector, which are easy to use, and give a desired result thanks to:

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Special building

The range of products that has designed for the building industry is a range that makes it easier to work in an area that requires a lot of strength and a lot of energy.

Our products are Lightweight and Insulating at the same time

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Food packaging boxes

To preserve your food, provides you with a variety of food packaging boxes.

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Special products for industrial packaging use

offers special products for industrial packaging use which provide a clean, ecological, ergonomic and economical alternative.

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Diverse products

Discover a variety of polystyrene products developed at STP the Tunisian Polystyrene Company

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Our achievements

Discover our achievements in polystyrene

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