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Insulating plate

  • Category building

Density: between 10 kg / m3 and 35 kg / m3 Material: PSE (polystyrène Expansé) Maximum thicknesses: 1 m Use: Wall insulation Roof insulation Damping element Expansion joint Protects the product against deformation

  • Good shocks resistance
  • Low water absorption, good anti-permeability, can effectively avoid damp moldy walls.
  • the temperature is not affected. At high temperature, polystyrene foam board will not melt and sink due to the high temperature, it will not break if the temperature is too low.
  • Very high energy efficiency.

Block dimensions

  • Maximum width: 1.25 m
  • Maximum length: 4.05m
  • Maximum thickness: 1 m


test aa Technical sheet Designation
Insulation pads 3 cm
Insulation pads 4 cm
Insulation pads 5 cm
Insulation pads 4 cm